Every year 133 billion pounds of food is thrown away and ends up in landfills all across the U.S., and grocery stores are responsible for discarding 10% of that food.


On the other hand, 1 out of 2 American families are “food insecure”.  The Saving Seasonals program is dedicated to keeping seasonal food items out of landfills by setting up programs with local stores to donate their out of season but usable food items to local food pantries.






Your volunteer youth group can help by setting up a program with a local store to donate its seasonal food items to a local food pantry. 


This is a win-win solution for all involved. We can help keep usable food items from ending up in the landfills; feed hungry families, and serve the community. For the participating stores, it means a valuable tax deduction.


How to help



We are a group of middle schoolers who have with our parents' help started this program to help keep seasonal food items out of landfills. To find out more about our program please email us at


Thank you!